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ILiA, the not-for-profit trade body representing the global lithium industry, has welcomed a new Core member and 15 new Associate Members since the start of the financial year. The new members represent the entire lithium value chain, including new mining projects (AfriTin Mining, Galan Lithium), chemical specialists (LevertonHELM), refiners (Tees Valley Lithium), engineers (Metso Outotec) and specialist news outlets (Argus Media, SMM).

ILiA was formed in 2021 by leading lithium producers to support the industry during a time of unprecedented market growth. Driven by growth in electric vehicle production, demand for lithium is forecast to increase by almost 6 times in the period to 2040 according to the analyst Wood Mackenzie. Faced with rapid growth, change and attention, the lithium industry saw an urgent need for an association that could efficiently and effectively address common challenges, such as promoting a sustainable lithium value chain for the ‘lithium century’.

The six founding Core Members of ILiA are Albermarle, Allkem Ltd, AMG Brasil, Ganfeng Lithium, Pilbara Minerals and SQM. They have been joined by a new Core Member, Tianqi Lithium Corporation, a global new energy materials company with lithium at its core. Tianqi has resource and production assets in Australia, Chile and China, including a majority share in Talison Lithium, owner of the world-class Greenbushes mine in Western Australia.

In this period 15 Associate Members have also joined:

AfriTin Mining owns and operates the Uis Tin Mine in Namibia which contains significant lithium credits. Production of lithium concentrates will commence in 2023.

Argus Media is a leading independent provider of energy and commodity price benchmarks, news and analysis.

CME Operations Ltd, is the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, offering a wide range of asset classes including a lithium futures contract.

Creative Engineers, Inc is a leading alkali metal chemical process engineering company that specializes in sodium, lithium, and potassium metal, pilot plants, and process engineering.
Deutsche E-Metalle AG (DEM) is developing mining projects worldwide to secure the access to critical raw materials for European industry with a current focus on its Lithium JV in the Argentinian salt lakes.

Energy Source Minerals, LLC is developingProject ATLiS, a lithium project in California using its proprietary ILiAD brine processing technology.

Eramet S.A. is developing critical metals for the energy transition including lithium and nickel.

Eramet is developing a lithium deposit in the Centenario-Ratones salar in Argentina.

Galan Lithium Ltd is developing high-grade lithium projects at the Hombre Muerto salar in Argentina, Candelas in Argentina and the Greenbushes South Lithium Project in Australia.

LevertonHELM Ltd makes lithium chemicals and develops new ones, working with global customers to find the best solutions for their applications.

Metso Outotec Ltd USA Inc developssustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries globally.

SouthCross Logistics provides logistics solutions for international trade with a focus on Latin America.

SMM Information& Technology Co., Ltd is a major news and price provider to the global metals industry with a particular strength in covering the Chinese market.

Tees Valley Lithium is building a low-carbon lithium mid-stream refinery in the UK for the growing electric vehicle market.

The London Metal Exchange launched the LME Lithium Hydroxide CIF (Fast Markets MB) in 2021, adding to its line of electric vehicle (EV) and minor metals futures .

Wave International is a development consultant with over 10 years’ experience in the battery minerals sector with successful commercialisation for junior and mid-tier battery mineral companies.

Membership of ILiA is open to the entire lithium supply chain, from producers and processors to OEMs and recyclers. The Association is based in London, UK, and its Founding Chairman, Mr Anand Sheth stated “On behalf of the Founding Members, we welcome the new Core and Associate Members in building and strengthening the Association and to collectively become ‘the voice of the lithium industry’”.

Post author: Rue Swabey
Post published:December 15, 2022
London, UK, December 15th, 2022


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litio internacional

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